make much

He can do much with your little.

He can do much with your little surrendered.

your two fish and five loaves.

your bottle of ointment and your treasured tears.

He can do much. with your little offered.

but if you should have the world.

if you should have the world and not offer-

it means nothing.

He can do nothing with your much withheld.

this morning i heard Jesus. i heard Jesus coming to meet me on my bedroom floor.

it was early & the sun was shining.

i watched as the naked branches of my winter tree just bounced in the wind.

they flutter.

praising much with their barrenness.

giving thanks with their exposed wood.

He finds joy in creation simply being.

in creation being what He intended all along.

Jesus took me and He held me.

oh, as i wept and unraveled my heart.

how deep are my insecurities.

how unsure i am of myself.

yet i am so sure of Him.

so sure

so sure

so sure

because He is life.

He is the very life in my bones.

i breathe and i think of His love sustaining me.

i drink and i feel His water nourish my soul.

yes, i am so sure of His love.

of His goodness.

and so we sat.

we sat on the floor of my sun-soaked bedroom.

He looked at my hands- empty

He took my hands and whispered through the silence

i make much of your emptiness.

i make much of your heart surrendered.

don't you know?

your heart is all i want.

what would it look like?

if we lived with our heart surrendered?

if we would stop underestimating His power and start empowering His promise in us.

i sat still in His Presence.

our eyes meet

i have much to learn.

show me.

show me, Father, what it looks like to live for the heart of the Father & not the eyes of the world.

you don't need approval when you live in my favor.

you don't need the "yes" of man when you have the "yes" of God.

i need to stop seeking.

i need to stop pursuing what Jesus never had.

Jesus was never accepted by the crowds.

the humor...that He wasn't even accepted by the 'holiest' of men.

oh and Jesus never sought the wealth, the power, the glory of the world.

He sought the words of the Father.

how He yearned for them.

yearned to be in the Presence.

and so i remember.

there is so much power in remembering.

i remember whose i am.

i remember why i live.

i remember who keeps me.

[ the One who made my heart will keep it close ]

though the world should forsake us.

though we lose everything and find ourselves with hands empty-

He can make much of our nothing.

He can make much of our hearts surrendered.

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