heart prayer

Lord, i pray for your favor.

you who set the mountains in place & dusted their peaks with snow.

you who breathes & fills my lungs with air.

you who are faithful when i am not.

you who are good though i am not.

you who loves a world who knows not love.

i pray for desire. a desire to burn for you.

to see every moment- no matter how small a moment- through your eyes.

i pray for a heart that loves deeply & selflessly because it knows how deeply & selflessly it is loved.

i pray for a cleansing, Jesus. a deep purging.

that the blood which dripped from your pierced hands would fall onto the earth of my heart.

heart made of dirt.

flesh made of earth.

yet soul filled with spirit.

you who embodies vessels of clay.

you who loves the unlovable.

you who are invisible but never absent.

you who holds my world.

i thank you.

i thank you, Jesus, for your love poured.

that you were unafraid to spill yourself to grant us access to the Heavens.

access to your very heart.

what would we do without you, Jesus?

what would i do?

who would i be?

your love that has has kept me- keep me to the end.

Jesus, keep us until the end.

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