every moment holy

today i desire.

today i desire to seek.

to seek Jesus.

i wake with it pressing in my heart.

i must find Him.

my night of dreams ends with abruption at the thought.

the thought that He is waiting to be found.

found by me.

my days are full.

even when my day is absent of paid work, i still labor.

labor with love to keep our home well.

labor to attend to the needs of my loved one.

labor to become what i know i should be.

but in all this doing, is there meaning?

what if great things are really anything done with great love?

these moments- laundry drying, dishes washing, letter writing- these moments holy?

Jesus did extraordinary things.

one who walked with Him saw the blind healed and the dead raised and the water turned into the richest of wines.

but yet the story tells of a Jesus who used the most ordinary moments to impart the greatest influence.

the breaking of bread.

the washing of feet.

the telling of stories.

truly....the dying?

Son of God but Son of Man.

so human.

so like us.

one to hunger and thirst.

one to feel worn and tired.

one to weep.

one to feel the burn of anger.

one to feel alone.


He made every moment holy.

because it was the breaking of His body.

it was the washing of all our death.

it was the telling of His love letter to humanity.

it was the dying so we may live.

no moment is lost when it is lived in love.

[ whisper it to me again ]

no moment is lost when it is lived in love.

every moment holy.

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