today i'm here for the promise-filled ones.

to the children that are carrying a dream from the Father.

to the prophetic hearts who are yearning to live into their anointing.

anointing. ah. what a beautiful word.

sometimes i notice anointing being interchangeably used with gifting or passion.

but i beg to differ.

i dare to say that anointing is a calling with far more power & authority than a mere dream or talent.

because your anointing is your gifting under the leadership of Jesus.

your anointing is your promise- His whisper of Heaven- in you & graced with the oil of the Holy Spirit.

some dictionaries define it as such: ceremonially confer divine or holy office upon (a priest or monarch) by smearing or rubbing with oil.

that is you friend.

you, under the Lordship of Jesus, are conferred divinity & holiness with the adorning of his Holy Presence.

so today i am writing to you.

sister or brother with a the waiting.

see, i know a bit about the waiting. i've been unraveled and entangled in the process of life.

[ but isn't all of life a process? ]

well, yes.

because until Heaven come, we will never arrive to the holy destination.

until Kingdom all around us & within us, we will continue to race, to strive, to fight in the joy of our salvation.

but there are those in-between processes.

those when-will-i-get-there-Lord?

those but-didn't-you-promise-Father?

those moments when we sit and wait. hoping His faithful words will come true.

but what do we do in the "not yet"?

what do we do in our wilderness?

let's return to a very familiar story.

God's chosen people- the Israelites.

for 430 embittering and heart-wrenching years, the Hebrew people slaved under the rule of Egypt.

but not without hope. not without a hidden tingling that echoed the freedom to come.

and with the leadership of Moses, their freedom came at last.

yet, how interesting. how intriguing that the Lord sequeled their exodus with wilderness.

their freedom proceeded with desert.

with process

with the waiting.

they had to wait for their promised land.

let's sit here for a minute. let's look & learn from the truth of this testimony.

because testimony is the spirit of prophecy which means it continues, even now, to speak into our beings.

the Lord knew these people had waited nearly five centuries to be a free people.

why not orchestrate a majestic entrance to their land flowing with milk and honey immediately?

why not fulfill the promise all at once?

we have to go back to the original intention.

wilderness is not a punishment.

wilderness is not His anger.

it is not a reflection of your unworthiness.

it is not a consequence of your not-enoughness.

it is your journey.

it is the becoming of your prophecy.

it is still His goodness.

it is still His freedom.

but why wilderness?

why wait and long and often suffer?

why melt under the fires of His refinement?

under the heat of the desert sun?

melt under the fires of His refinement

because it is not a passive waiting.

this is where we are stripped of our lesser loves.

stripped of our idols, our fear, our doubt, our insecurities.

this is where we learn and live into an unmatched trust in our Jesus.

where we cradle an intimacy no future fire could destroy.

you are already running the race.

the prize is already set before you

every moment is still pregnant with opportunity.

every day, decision, desire is still an offering before the Lord.

gosh, how i have felt these words this last year.

this last year, when my greatest dream came to life.

when i married a man who loves me so and and then came to realize all at once:

that i am still a woman so flawed.

that i married a man not a god.

that we are both sinners not yet saints.

but above all, i learned that Heavenly love is so so so so far above any earthly, fleshly love.

yet physical love is such a symbol of His love for us.

we love Him through loving each other.

and He loves us through our love to each other.

i know He wants to tell you this.

i know He wants you to know this with such confidence that no circumstance could sway you-

He has chosen you.

He has adorned your life with His favor.

He does long to use your life as a vessel of His love.

in fact, He already is.

if you feel like now you are in the waiting.

if you are in a season of unraveling & undoing. under the flame of His refinement or scalpel of His forming-

now is still the time to rise up.

now is still the time to stand & walk into your identity with confidence.

now is still the time to be brave, be rooted, be bold.

the Church is needed more than ever.

we cannot be shy, tamed, unseen.

now is not the time to be quiet, but rather a season of proclamation.

and you are part of that story.

will we come into agreement with what He is doing?

will we say "yes & amen" to His movings and join Him in the dance?

this is your call.

your time.

your anointing.

there is promise in the land you are in.

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