it all started one sunday morning when i meant to say hi to a friend after church but met my future husband instead. 

we definitely did not fall in love at first sight. actually, our relationship was awkward & guarded in its early stages. i was unsure of this wild, radical, out-of-the-ordinary man i just met and followed the "stranger danger" rules to a T. our acquaintance started with small table talk conversations in our tuesday evening community groups. we shared many giddy smiles with our friends & sweet prayers with our church family. 

amadeus later told me he noticed me quickly from a distance, but i was completely oblivious. 

our relationship deepened over the summer of 2019 while leading a small group together. we slowly started moving from practically strangers to close friends. i was drawn to our deep discussions, raw confessions of our faith, and intimate sharings of our experiences with Jesus. 

in him i found something different. a man who was unafraid to challenge me & be challenged by me. there were so many things that wooed me to him. his contagious smile. his love for the wild and the mystery and the radical. his vulnerable heart that was unafraid to share its messiness. his assertiveness and confidence. his leadership and relationship with Jesus. 

as we spent time in community, we noticed we were always drawn to each other. somehow we found a way to make it across the room with all the other people to be together. 

our friendship blossomed day by day, adventure by adventure & we didn't quite realize that our souls were slowly being knit together.

that same year, amadeus made a bold move and finally confessed that he had fallen in love with me. 

(i had already fallen head over heels by this point but naturally kept it a secret)

now maybe this is the part that usually goes "and they dated, got engaged, and tied the knot". but that wasn't quite our story. we never actually dated. once our feelings were on the table, we decided to spend intentional time together to see if this was truly where He was leading us & if our souls were compatible. 

the next couple months were full of thick discussions over faith, family, values, future, past, fears, failures, dreams, mission...we laid our hearts bare before each other & fell more deeply in love during the process. though we are two extremes- like day & night, fire & rain- we felt a supernatural force keeping us together through all the storms of that season. 

one evening after dinner, amadeus sent me home with an 85 page letter that ended with the question "will you marry me?" of course i spent that evening both bawling & praying but i instantly knew that my answer was yes. 

we soon after took a trip to Leavenworth together where he dropped on one knee & proposed in person. 

the rest is a long story of its own, but Jesus was so gracious to see us through until 2.15.2020 when we wed in the holy covenant of marriage. 

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©2020 by Ashley Wojtas