| the heart behind the blog |

hi, i'm ashley. i'm a young girl with an old soul learning what it means to live fully, love wildly, and praise relentlessly. Jesus is my true love and He gifted me my beloved husband who i journey all life's adventures with. this space is raw & unfiltered. here i process through my endless thoughts, deep emotions, and ever-changing seasons. 

please stay awhile and be unafraid to peer deeper into your soul. i have found such joy in celebrating beauty with radiance, grieving without shame, facing pain with boldness, and claiming truth with prophetic faith. 

i first began blogging when i was twelve. a modest fashion blog metamorphosed into an online journal where i penned every sweet encounter with Jesus, lyrics that bloomed into songs, and prayers woven in poems. that space also kept in memory many tears and seasons of wrestling with the Father. there have been oh-so-many nights filled with flickering candles, an open journal, and the clicking sound of my fingers typing. 

nearly a decade later, i find myself married & in a radically new season of life. my passion for words has not left me so here we are. thank you for coming and sharing this moment with me. your heart is precious and i hope it feels safe yet challenged. 

don't be shy. come say hello- i'd love to hear your story.